CW Industrial Partners


CW Industrial Partners

Partners Growing Industrial Businesses

For more than 20 years, our mission has been to partner with, invest in and build up lower middle-market businesses alongside skilled entrepreneurs, families and executives.

Creating Value Through Partnership

We believe that long-term, strategic partnerships built on trust, collaboration and shared values lead to significant value.

Industry Advisor Network™

Since our inception, the relationships with our industry experts have been the foundation of our success.

Partners First

Our firm was founded on the principle that great partnerships make great companies. We are a disciplined team of hardworking Midwesterners who are equally comfortable on the shop floor or in the board room.

What People Are Saying

Ron Guenter | CW Industrial Partners Private Equity Cleveland Ohio

Ron Guenther¹

Former Owner of Chemtron Corporation

“As my brothers and I contemplated the sale of our family business, in addition to a seamless transition, we were concerned about our people, their opportunities, and the legacy of our business. CW understands family businesses and how to help them achieve their growth objectives. We partnered with CW and the results exceeded our expectations.”

Rob Swords | CW Industrial Partners Private Equity Cleveland Ohio

Rob Swords²

Three-time CEO for CW Industrial Partners

“I’ve partnered with CW three times. They trust me and my team to execute. CW is unlike other PE firms. The team is rooted in a Midwest, value-based culture that knows the challenges of running middle market industrial businesses. CW appreciates the difficulty management teams have growing companies. They provide the resources and get out of the way. They operate with the utmost integrity and I feel like they always have my back.”
Andre Augier | CW Industrial Partners Private Equity Cleveland Ohio

André Augier³

Vice Chair, Investment Banking, Cowen

“CW believes in relationships. I’ve been on both sides of the table from CW many times during the past 15 of my 30 years as an investment banker. They know the industrials space, don’t pull any punches and treat buyers and sellers with respect.”

No compensation was received in exchange for any of the endorsements provided immediately above. Testimonials are provided by current investors, while endorsements have been provided by non-investors. There are no known additional conflicts of interest other than the relationships listed below.
¹ Ron Guenther is the former owner of Chemtron Corporation and a previous CW portfolio company.
² Rob Swords was serving as the CEO of a CW portfolio company during the publication of this quote. Rob has also provided consulting services to CW from time to time.
³ Andre Augier was an advisor to a CW portfolio company during the publication of this quote.