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Our mission is to be a trusted partner in generating superior returns through growing middle market businesses.

CW Industrial Partners is a family-backed private equity firm focused exclusively on investing in lower-middle market businesses. Our leadership brings unique industry experience,  operational best practices and access to our Industry Advisor Network™. We support management with these resources and then allow them to lead, implement and achieve growth. Our history as investors for families has instilled a deep sense of commitment to our people. Our culture and values reflect this philosophy.

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A Different Kind of Private Equity Partner

family-based business

We respect the legacy of families and entrepreneurs. Our family-based roots have given us a different perspective on investing. At CW Industrial Partners, we invest in people first – the greatest asset of every successful company. We leverage our industry perspectives to support and partner with management teams.

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A Trusted Partner Steve, Andrew

Our role is to serve our portfolio companies. We share our experience, network and fresh perspectives to help businesses thrive. This approach has helped us earn a reputation for being a trusted partner. We have a long track record of serving alongside talented owners and management teams to help them grow their businesses in ways that respect the culture and vision of the founders.

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Manufacturing Sector Expertise

We stick to what we know best. Our team is focused on the sectors where our industry knowledge can best serve our portfolio companies. We understand that our partners rely on us to provide industry insight and expertise that isn’t easily attainable in the lower middle market. We understand our role and work hard every day increasing the depth and breadth of our network, talent pool and capabilities in order to help identify opportunities, avoid pitfalls and inform strategic discussions.

Our Culture is Defined by Our
Midwestern Values:


Doing what we say we’re going to do driven by a dedication to honesty and transparency.


We don’t shy away from what’s hard; and are resolved to unearth the best possible solutions.


We seek truth not individual pride, in a humble, introspective fashion.


We constantly challenge ourselves to be “top quartile” in everything we do.


We maintain perspective on what is most important through having fun with our extended family of partners, portfolio company employees and each other.

Our History

Our firm was founded by Cleveland businessman, Rob McCreary, as CapitalWorks in 1999 with the idea to put capital to work in the lower middle market. Since then, we have expanded our Industry Advisor Network™ and organized our industry experts around six core industrial sectors – hence the name CW Industrial Partners. Today, our competitive advantage is the strength and depth of our private equity team, discipline of our investing process and network of industry experts. We have also maintained our midwestern values instilled by Rob and the successful families that have backed us for more than 20 years.

Highest Standards of Business Practices and Ethics

Highest Standards of Business Practices and Ethics
At CW Industrial Partners, we are committed to a culture of strong values and the highest standards of business practices and ethics. We believe companies that follow these principles and actively engage in responsible Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices are better managed and more likely to deliver superior outcomes for investors, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the communities they serve.
building successful businesses long-term
Our team evaluates the cultural and ESG risks and opportunities when analyzing new investment opportunities. We believe the right culture is essential to building successful businesses long-term and is an important part of the strategy we develop to improve the operations of each portfolio company.

Environmental, Social and Governance Practices

Our portfolio company employees' health and safety is a top priority. We are devoted to implementing strong environmental compliance programs to protect the health and safety of our employees and communities in which we operate. We expect the companies we invest in and to treat employees fairly and ethically. We believe all employees should operate with the highest ethical standards by conducting business activities in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. A formal governance cadence is established for each company in order to ensure these critical activities are reviewed and evaluated.