CW Industrial Partners




“Taking an active approach to supporting management with technology and operating resources is intrinsic to our business model”


At CWI Industrial Partners

Joined in 2024 as an Operating Director

Former Experience

Dan T. Moore Company (Manufacturing Operations, M&A)

Middle Market Manufacturing (VP Operations, General Manager)


Case Western Reserve University – MBA

The University of Oxford – Undergraduate/Postgraduate Coursework

Wittenberg University – BA

What excites you about industrial manufacturing?

Having spent my early career in boots-on-the-ground manufacturing work, I am passionate about applying my experience in continuous improvement, management principles, and data science to enhance efficiency in manufacturing businesses. The industry is a key growth driver in Cleveland and represents both the legacy and the bright future of the Midwest. Participating in this growth is exciting and crucial to our community and economic outlook.

How do you spend your free time away from work?

I can usually be found cooking for my family or tinkering in the garage with one of my motorcycles.