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Capewell Aerial Systems

Capewell Aerial Systems

Military & Aerial Tactical Equipment


South Windsor, CT


Aerospace & Defense

Investment Year


Capewell Aerial Systems (CAS) resulted from the merger of Capewell Systems and Aerial Machine and Tool. CAS is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of safety, tactical, parachute, and aerial delivery products for the defense, public safety, and law enforcement communities. The Company offers four core product segments of mission-critical components and systems, including: Life Support & Safety Products, Aerial Delivery Systems & Parachute Related, Timers & Sensors, and Technical Services. The Company has operations in Connecticut and Virginia. Capewell Systems was acquired from a family office and Aerial Machine and Tool was a carve-out from Air Liquide.


Aerial Machine and Tool

Board Participation

Todd Martin, Rob McCreary, John Corrigan