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Amy Alexander

The 2% Titration Experiment

The 2% Titration Experiment One of our portfolio companies specialized in the remediation of chemical waste. It often received shipping manifests for liquids purporting to be a harmless mix of chemicals. Once that barrel had been accepted for processing the contents of the barrel became our portco’s environmental responsibility. The only defense against accepting unwanted […]

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Rowboat Investing

One of the challenges of having a rowboat is learning to navigate forward by constantly looking backward. This is unique. No other mode of transportation has your future course decided by a point behind you— a rock, a buoy, shoreline trees or a mooring. Unless your head can spin on your shoulders like Linda Blair

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Sneak a Tax

Wait until people start getting their 2022 real estate property assessments and their new real estate tax bills. After decades of small increases in property taxes, state and local taxpayers are completely unprepared for what inflation has done even without any rate increases. Property Taxes Are Not Indexed A simple primer on taxes reveals that

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